Boxsupp Immune Plus

Boxsupp Immune Plus

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Your Boxsupp pack will contain 28 days supply of your supplements.  Each days supply comes in an easy to use sachet. No more juggling multiple bottles or dividing pills up at the start of the week.

Immune Plus 
Quality Health daily multi vitamin
Swisse ultiboost zinc+
Swisse ultiboost magnesium + calcium + vitamin d
Cenovis mega b
Quality Health fridge free probiotic

1. Why a multivitamin?

Think of a multivitamin like an insurance policy against the shortfalls that happen when you don’t get what you need through food.

2. Why Zinc?

Zinc is widely acknowledged as having a beneficial impact on the immune system. It has been demonstrated in studies that Zinc directly interacts with the immune system, helping the body control its response to infections, reducing infection related inflammation.

3. Why Magnesium?

The ability of Magnesium to support a healthy immune system is well documented. We also add Vitamin D and Calcium in this supplement which may help combat viruses.

4. Why a Mega B?

The addition of a Mega B complex will support your immune system, especially in times of stress. Vitamin B contributes to the production of energy in your actual cells, vital when fighting off infections

5. Why a probiotic?

A healthy gut is vital for a healthy body. Imbalances in the good bacteria in the gut have been linked to lethargy, low energy levels and depression . A daily dose of good bacteria can help restore that balance.

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