We believe that healthy customers require a healthy planet.  Boxsupp is committed to a LESS THAN ZERO carbon footprint.  

As a smaller business we do not have the resources of large organisations, but that does not mean our responsibility is any less.  That meant we had to be smart about our footprint. So this is what we did:

1. Calculated the carbon footprint of our business

We identified the following areas where we are creating a carbon impact:

  • Power
  • Packaging 
  • Delivery

We then quantified each of the above per average box:

  • Power = 0.016KWa.
  • Packaging = 150 grams of mainly polypropylene plastics, some recyclable, some not.   Note, being recyclable does not reduce your carbon impact.
  • Delivery = average expected delivery by air from Melbourne to Sydney.

We then examined reference sources (see detailed calculations below) to calculate our total carbon impact.

  • Power = 15 grams of CO2
  • Packaging = 900 grams of CO2
  • Delivery = 150 grams of CO2

Total CO2 footprint of an average Boxsupp pack is therefore 1,165 grams.

2. Reduced our global impact to less than zero

We now knew the size of the problem, so we had to find a solution.  Thankfully, even with the inaction of some governments on environmental issues, some enterprising people have taken the lead.  It is possible to buy, on the open market, carbon offset credits.  This means that we actively invest in projects that are set up to capture or incrementally reduce carbon emissions around the world.  A global problem actually has a global solution!

For the moment Boxsupp have chosen to use the global carbon credit provider below as the source of our credits.


We are committed to offsetting 150% of our footprint through the use of credits. The certificate below illustrates this procedure


Detailed calculations and references

Power - it takes around 1 minute to pack your supplements, our machinery runs are 1000 watts, so that is 0.016KWh.  Worst-case power generation (coal power) generates around 900 grams per KWh. ref - http://blueskymodel.org/kilowatt-hour

Packaging - all our packaging weighs around 150 grams.  Its is widely accepted that over the entire life cycle of modern plastics, the ratio of Carbon production to material is around 6:1.  This means from manufacture to destruction 1kg of plastic will make 6kgs of C02. http://timeforchange.org/plastic-bags-and-plastic-bottles-CO2-emissions

Delivery - Our packs weigh around 250 grams so our estimate is based upon https://www.dhl-carboncalculator.com/